Announcement 2017


Procedure for applications for admission

1. Applicants must apply for admission to the DNyN program with a deadline of May 31, 2017.

2. The required documentation (preferably, electronically sent in scanned form) is:

· Curriculum vitae

· Copies of Certificates of Master's and Bachelor's degree

· Description of the work you did as a master's thesis (maximum 5 pages)

2 letters of recommendation by researchers familiar with the performance of the applicant, which should be sent electronically directly by those who offer the recommendations.

Results of the English test presented in the TOEFL (if not before May 31, this document may be presented on the date of the interview)

3. The Commission will conduct interviews with the candidates no later than June 30, 2017. As part of each interview, the oral presentation of the master thesis will be scheduled (maximum, 30 minutes).

4. The Commission shall take into account the following criteria for admission:

A minimum of more than 8 in master's degree studies.

English proficiency level, particularly in reading comprehension and writing skills (no minimum qualification will be required, but will be a criterion for admission). · Capacity for research work in the NyN area, as evidenced by their academic background and performance in mastership.

During the interview, the members of the Commission will be able to orally examine the basic preparation of candidates in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. If it is considered necessary for any of the applicants, the Commission will subsequently apply fundamental knowledge tests, which provide more information on their academic preparation.

5. The Commission will deliver the recommendations for the admission process on July 31, 2017.

If necessary, the interview mentioned in point 3 may be carried out by videoconference or link via Skype, gmail, etc. To do this, the candidate must justify the need to conduct the interview in this way, sending a message to the Program Coordination ( ( before May 31, 2017.



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